gazony piccolo

Crescent-shaped concrete planters are perfect for creating the so-called “blooming walls”.  They are interesting architectonic elements that help to organize the space of the garden.  They do not have bottoms so precipitation can permeate into lower levels.  They also work as enclosures of retaining walls. Concrete planters are often used when constructing fences or hardening banks. They are available in two sizes: PICCOLO AND GRANDE.


Technical data

planters height(cm) length (cm) width (cm) quantity (pcs/palette) pallet weight (kg)
PICCOLO 20 30 30/20 60 788
GRANDE 30 50 50/30,4 18 920

Additional parameters

  • gwarancja
  • nasiakliwość
  • ściskanie
  • temperatura
  • trakt
  • wymiary

Product photos