Design service

Architectural concept design service for the property The surroundings of each property should be not only functional, but also beautiful and unique. The house and everything around it constitute a coherent whole, therefore not only the building itself, but also the surface should be well thought out and perfectly harmonized with each other. In the interests of the appearance of your property and the best use of purchased Buszrem products, we have launched a new DESIGN service. Free Property Project !!! We hope that with the help of our Design Office, your house and the area around it will be distinguished by aesthetics, beauty, harmony and uniqueness, while maintaining full functionality. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the sample pavement designs prepared by our architects. The catalog of sample projects is available in our company warehouses. Our architects will come to you and, based on an individual conversation and their own observations, will develop a surface design that will match the nature of the property. The concept is sent by e-mail for possible correction, so that the customer finally receives a “tailored” project.

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