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Malta – a precious offer for people who like straight lines and geometric shapes. The pavements made of Malta are usually regular and mellow. However, it is easy to change their character by combining Malta and fine Kreta. In this way, the garden paths can be indicated by different shape or colour. Apart from the standard colours, we offer the new charcoal mélange; the striking mix of granite grey and basalt black draws the attention of even the most demanding customers. We have also added two shades of chocolate squares to the colour gamut of washed paving stones. Coconut and milk colour is a perfect choice for people who prefer warm colours. The system of six types of no-chamfer paving stones should be laid down interchangeably, taken from three different load boards.

Technical data

brick thickness (cm) length (cm) width (cm) quantity (pcs/m2) quantity (m2/palette) pallet weight (kg)
M1 6 13,6 18,2 40
M2 6 16 18,2 34
M3 6 18,2 18,2 30 8,84 1230
M4 6 20,5 18,2 27
M5 6 25,1 18,2 22
M6 6 27,4 18,2 20

All cube formats are packed on one pallet, one layer contains 4 cubes of each type.

Additional parameters

  • gwarancja
  • nasiakliwość
  • scn
  • szlachetność
  • ściskanie
  • temperatura
  • trakt
  • wymiary

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