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Petra SYSTEM consists of products that give various opportunities for the construction of private and public spaces. Due to specially selected colours of the aggregates and dyes, we have created products that resemble crushed rock blocks. The system is divided into the elements intended for the construction of wide and narrow columns and walls. Additionally, in the set, there are narrow and wide canopies and cladding fitting. An undeniable advantage of the system is the consistency of colours and surfaces with other products of BUSZREM. The raised fence will match the pavement; we can decorate the foundation wall, high terrace, stair or the housefront. We can also build walls and bin shelters from the fence breeze blocks. Such a selection of the products makes your possession perfectly harmonious and attractive.

Technical data

element dimensions (cm) weight/pcs. (kg) quantity (pcs/palette) pallet weight (kg) quantity (pcs/mb)
słupek szeroki 38/38/14 29 36 1070
słupek wąski 38/19/14 14,5 72 1070
murek 38/19/14 14,5 72 1070
daszek wąski 14/27/6 4,05 120 520 7,14
płytka okładzinowa 38/4,5/14 5,65 160 930 18,8
daszek szeroki 47/47/7 25,65

Daszek szeroki pakowany indywidualnie

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