The washed Kreta

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The washed Kreta

Washed Kreta blocks are a hit in the collection of distinction blocks. A special technological process is used to reveal the distinction aggregate used in the upper layer, due to which we obtain an extremely elegant surface. The laid pavement is similar to basalt although it is smooth and anti-slip.

Washed Kreta is popular among persons of exquisite taste.

It proves itself both for impressive mansions and elegant one-family houses. Five blocks of various sizes assure freedom of composition and allow creating interesting and unique patterns. In order to diversify the composition of the pavement it is worth combining the washed Kreta with washed Malta of bigger size and regular shape. The width of two Kreta blocks is equivalent to one width of Malta block


Kreta plukana brazowa


Kreta plukana grafit


kreta plukana jasnoszary

Light Grey

Kreta plukana zolta


Technical Data

Block type Thickness     w cm Length in cm Width cm pcs. /m2 Qty. of m2/pallet Approximate pallet weight in kg
K1 6 91 73/53 174 8,87 1260
K2 6 91 83/63 151
K3 6 91 93/73 132
K4 6 91 103/83 118
K5 6 91 113/93 107

K1, K2, K3, K4, K5 – packed together on the pallet. (K1– 22 pcs./layer; K2 – 29 pcs./layer; K3 – 24 pcs./layer; K4 – 21 pcs./layer; K5 – 22 pcs./layer;)

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