palisada plazza

It is a supplement to Piazza and Nostalit patterns. It is used mainly for the construction of stair steps. It can also be used as fences surrounding trees and decorative plants or as borders of the pavement.


Technical data

height (cm) length (cm) width (cm) quantity (pcs/mb) quantity (pcs/palette) pallet weight (kg)
35 17,2 11,5 5,8 42 660

Palisades are embedded in the ground or in a concrete foundation. Depth embedding in concrete should amount to ¼ of the palisade height. After excavation a trench for the foundation, apply a layer of gravel at least 10 cm, or similar material and compact it. Then apply a wet layer B15 concrete and set individual palisades in it, plumbing them separately and leveling. Finally, using the same concrete, cover the palisades with it at the front and rear, taking into account the gaps between them. All kinds of filling of retaining walls should be made using well-compacted frost-resistant material. Water runoff must be drained off using a filter layer with drainage or through the gaps of palisades. No proper execution water drainage causes the bursting of palisades in the winter.

Additional parameters

  • gwarancja
  • nasiakliwość
  • ściskanie
  • temperatura
  • wymiary

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