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Surroundings of each property should not only be functional, but also beautiful and unique. Home and what is around it form a coherent whole, so not only the building but also the surface should be thought out and perfectly coordinated with each other. Concern for appearance of your state property we have got the design service off the ground.

Design Service Free!!!

We hope that with help of our designers your home and it’s surroundings will stand out with aesthetics, beauty, harmony and uniqueness, keeping their full functionality.

We encourage to read the sample projects surface, prepared by our architects. The catalogue of sample projects is available in the factory sale warehouses.

Our architects will visit you and on the basis of individual conversation and their own observations they will develop a design for the pavement that will match the character of your property. The concept will then be sent to you via e-mail to make any changes so that ultimately the customer receives a “customized project”.

Call the architect:

·                     architect in Sochaczew: 600-301-380

·                     architect in Olsztyn: 600-301-382

·                     architect in Gdańsk: 600 301 348

·                     architect in Białystok: 600-301-344

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Sample arrangements surface prepared by our architects