Aged Roma

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Aged Roma


Rome, just as the ancient city, has spirit. Subject to the ageing process it acquires a specific character and by that it makes up a material that creates an excellent setting both for classic and rustic architecture. Not infrequently, the architects, just for contrast, use this type of pavement in modern structures.

An invaluable quality of Rome blocks is that they are “dyed in the cake” and, following this, they look equally effective from all sides. This allows laying the pavement and erecting spatial elements from it such as, for instance, low walls, stairs and fences, which contributes to the uniformity of the composition. The colours Caramel, Latte and Mocca in shapes R2 and R3 are especially dedicated as supplementation of the Kreta and Malta block lines in Coffee inspirations. Other colours are available in all dimensions both in rectangular (R1, R2, R3) and trapezoidal shapes (R4, R5) due to which both geometrical and irregular patterns can be made from them.









Technical Data

Block type Thickness in cm Length in cm Width cm pcs. /m2 Qty. of m2/pallet Approximate pallet weight in kg
R1 7 11 8 113 7,96 1350
R2 7 16 11 56 7,92
R3 7 22 16 28 8,87
R4 7 11 11/5,6 110 7,50
R5 7 11 11/7,7 100

R1,R2,R3 – packed separately on pallets

R4,R5 – packed together

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