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Roma has a spirit like the antique city. It has undergone a mechanical ageing treatment that has given it a unique character. Roma creates a perfect setting for classic and rustic architecture. To provide a contrast, it is also often used for modern constructions. The priceless asset of Roma is that when integrally coloured all the way through, it still looks attractive. It allows of arranging the pavement and raising landscape structures such as garden walls, stairs and fences. As a result, the composition is consistent. The paving stones in the colours of Caramel, Latte and Mocha in the shapes of R2 and R3 are dedicated as a supplement to the “Coffee inspirations” of Kreta and Malta paving stone lines. The other colours are available in rectangular shapes (R1, R2, R3) as well as trapezium (R4, R5) so there is a possibility of arranging geometric and irregular patterns.

Technical data

brick thickness (cm) length (cm) width (cm) quantity (pcs/m2) quantity (m2/palette) pallet weight (kg)
R1 7 11 8 113 7,96 1350
R2 7 16 11 56 7,92 1300
R3 7 22 16 28 8,87 1550
R4 7 11 11/5,6 110 7,5 1350
R5 7 11 11/7,7 100 7,5 1350

R1, R2, R3 – packed separately on pallets. R4, R5 – packed together on a pallet. Cube without phase not available for sale – production on special order.

R1, R2, R3, R4, R5 cubes – available in the following colors: brown, olive, red, game, R2, R3 cubes coffee inspirations available in colors: caramel, mocha, latte.

Additional parameters

  • gwarancja
  • nasiakliwość
  • szlachetność
  • ściskanie
  • temperatura
  • trakt
  • wymiary

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