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The modern form of the slab Lanta with no chamfer is an example of a current trend for minimalistic designs. The designers can arrange plain, geometric patterns that harmonize with a simple body of the building. Solid colours such as grey and graphite enrich the surroundings of the building and public places.

Lanta Colour-mix is a colourful mélange in geometric form, that can make a harmonious combination with both traditional and modern architecture. The additional aesthetic asset is a linear arrangement of colours alongside the slabs as if they have been cut out from natural rocks. Maroon, steel blue and seashell slabs are produced using SNC method (water-repellent on the top layer of the slab).


Technical data

slab thickness (cm) length (cm) width (cm) quantity (pcs/paleta) quantity (m2/palette) pallet weight(kg)
L1 6 (8) 29,7 59,7 30 (24)
L2 6 (8) 29,7 44,7 20 (16) 10,7 (8,56) 1410 (1500)
L3 6 (8) 29,7 29,7 30 (24)

L1, L2, L3 – packed together on a pallet. L1 – 30 pcs / pallet, L2 – 20 pcs / pallet, L3 – 30 pcs / pallet.

Additional parameters

  • gwarancja
  • nasiakliwość
  • scn
  • szlachetność
  • ściskanie
  • temperatura
  • trakt
  • wymiary

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