Kreta smooth – Coffee inspirations

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Kreta smooth – Coffee inspirations

This series includes Kreta Caramel – a block of light, pastel colours for those who like when colours softly and delicately combine and pervade with each other. Kreta Latte – is a block of a darker colour of coffee and milk whose slightly smoky colour perfectly melts into the autumn landscape of the environment. Kreta Mocca – is dark and intriguing like strong coffee.

The blocks of this colour will satisfy those who like firm colours and contrasts. It harmonizes well with a landscape, producing a fascinating effect.

All colours are matching and complement each other.





Technical Data

Block type Thickness in cm Length in cm Width cm pcs. /m2 Qty. of m2/pallet Approximate pallet weight in kg
K1 6 91 73/53 174 8,87 1260
K2 6 91 83/63 151
K3 6 91 93/73 132
K4 6 91 103/83 118
K5 6 91 113/93 107

K1, K2, K3, K4, K5 – packed together on the pallet. (K1– 22 pcs./layer; K2 – 29 pcs./layer; K3 – 24 pcs./layer; K4 – 21 pcs./layer; K5 – 22 pcs./layer;)

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