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The set of modular fences CUBUS consists of cuboidal blocks in three different sizes. The compelling simplicity and naturalness of horizontal and vertical lines blend into both modern and traditional architecture. Additionally, the components can be used and arranged in various ways (symmetrically or like a brick in the wall); a wide range of projects that fit personal requirements of an investor can be implemented. The system is characterized by the wide range of colours (grey, graphite, mocha or mélanges: maroon, steel blue or seashell) that allows adjusting the fence to the surrounding and taste of property-owners. A huge advantage of the fences is simplicity and quickness of assembling the construction. CUBUS is one of the two (along with PETRA) sets of modular fences offered by Buszrem.

Technical data

element length (cm) width (cm) height (cm) quantity (pcs/palette) pallet weight (kg)
Bloczek słupkowy/ murkowy mały 24,8 19,8 20 100 1300
Bloczek słupkowy/ murkowy prostokątny 49,8 19,8 20 50 1200
Bloczek słupkowy duży 35,8 35,8 20 30 800
Daszek mały 24,8 19,8 5 160 900
Daszek prostokątny 49,8 19,8 5 80 900
Daszek duży 35,8 35,8 5 60 860

Additional parameters

  • gwarancja
  • nasiakliwość
  • szlachetność
  • temperatura
  • wymiary

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