The washed Santorini – Chocolate Blocks

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The washed Santorini – Chocolate Blocks

Santorini washed is a product of the highest quality. This is a cobble block for customers with the most refined aesthetic taste. Washed Santorini Chocolate Blocks combines  three colours of chocolate – white, milky and bitter.

Such composition of colours gives a property an exclusive, gentle character. The aggregate used in the upper decorative layer is specially selected and introduced from Italian Dolomites.





Technical Data

Block type Thickness in cm Length in cm Width in cm Qty. of m2/pallet  pallet weight in kg
S1 6 25 15 10,49 1460
S2 6 45 15
S3 6 52,5 15
S4 6 14 20
S5 6 27,5 20
S6 6 35 20
S7 6 45 20

S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7 – packed together on the pallet

S1, S2, S3 – 3 pcs./layer

S4, S5, S6, S7 – 2 pcs./ layer

The properties of our products:

3-year guarantee
Low water absorption means that the products are so impenetrable and uniform that their absorbability ratio is below< 6%
ikona_temperatury Resistance to frost and low temperatures
ikona_traktpieszy The product is intended for pedestrian routes; they should not be used where heavy traffic and high load vehicles are expected
ikona_efekty The products which have exceptional appearance and qualities due to special production process,

 for instance, following the process of ageing, bead blasting etc.

ikona_wymiary High compression strength – our products are resistant to high unit pressures, they do not deform and maintain their original properties
ikona_naciski The product designed for high loads – this symbol describes the group of products which have elevated resistance to high loads


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