The washed Malta

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The washed Malta

Malta – is for those who like straight lines and geometric shapes. The pavements laid from Malta are usually regular and toned down. However, it is easy to change a pavement’s character by combining Malta with small Kreta blocks. In this way, using other shapes or colours, it is possible to highlight the finishing of paths or the lines along which we stroll most often.

Next to the basic colours, the anthracite blend is also an attractive combination of greyness of granite and blackness of basalt which attracts the attention of even the most demanding customers. The system of six chamferless blocks should be laid alternatively using blocks from three different pallets.



light grey


anthracite blend

Technical Data


Block type Thickness in cm Length in cm Width in cm pcs. /m2 Qty. of m2/pallet  Pallet weight(kg)
M1 6 13,6 18,2 40 8,84 1260
M2 6 16 18,2 34
M3 6 18,2 18,2 30
M4 6 20,5 18,2 27
M5 6 25,1 18,2 22
M6 6 27,4 18,2 20



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